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Artist Canvas
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At Apollon Gotrick

we understand that every stroke of a brush is a masterpiece in the making. That's why we offer a wide range of premium artists' canvas and surfaces to cater to the diverse needs of artists. Our range encompasses a spectrum of creative possibilities, from standard canvases to 2-inch gallery wraps, 3/4-inch stretched canvases, and more.

We also offer deluxe USA Primed Products for enhanced color vibrancy and longevity. Dive into the depth and drama of black canvases or explore the fine textures of our Linen Range. For added protection and brilliance, consider our Clear Coat Range. Elevate your art with our Canvas and Floating Frames, completing your masterpiece with elegance. At Apollon Gotrick, we're committed to nurturing your artistic vision.


3/4" Standard Artist Canvas - (CMC)

Every great artwork begins with a canvas that artists trust, and our Standard Artist Canvas is that trusted base for your art. Crafted from 7 oz 100% pure cotton, this canvas offers a dependable and durable surface that artists can rely on. Its subtle texture is ideal for a myriad of artistic expressions, from intricate strokes to bold color splashes.

The canvas is expertly stretched over 3/4 inch thickness stretcher bars, ensuring a stable and steadfast frame that supports your creativity. These thinner bars are perfect for artists who prefer a closer proximity to their working surface and a sleek, modern display profile.


1-1/2" Profile Artist Canvas - (CMGC)

Discover superior craftsmanship with Apollon Gotrick's Profile Artist Canvas, the choice for artists demanding high quality and durability. Crafted from 7 oz 100% pure cotton and double-primed to a finished weight of 15 oz, this premium canvas offers a superbly textured surface and enhanced color vibrancy. Stretched over sturdy 1 1/2 inch stretcher bars, it provides a reliable foundation that endures.


2" Artist Canvas Profile - (CM2)

Apollon Gotrick's 2 in. Profile Artist Canvas combines form and function, offering a substantial 2-inch depth for an impactful, frameless display. Made from 7 oz 100% cotton and double-primed to 15 oz, it provides a reliable, textured surface for oil, acrylic, and mixed media. Ideal for artists seeking depth and durability without the need for framing.


2-1/2" Artist Canvas Profile - (CM2.5)

Art transcends boundaries — and the tools used to create it should do the same. That's the principle behind Apollon Gotrick's Artist Canvas 2 1/2 in. Profile. This canvas isn't just a surface; it's a three-dimensional world waiting to be filled with your imagination. With an impressive 2 1/2-inch depth, this canvas transforms your artwork into a stand-alone masterpiece that demands attention and dominates its space without the need for a frame. 

The canvas is meticulously crafted from 7 oz 100% cotton, striking the perfect balance between strength and suppleness. Its double-primed surface, finished to a weight of 15 oz, is a testament to quality, providing a receptive and enduring stage for your paints to perform.


3" Artist Canvas Profile - (CM3)

In the world of art, depth is not just a measurement; it's an exploration of space, an invitation to dive into the canvas and immerse oneself in creativity. Apollon Gotrick's Artist Canvas 3 in. Profile is a testament to this belief, designed to give your artwork the space it deserves. Featuring a profound 3-inch depth, this canvas presents a dynamic field of view that transforms any piece into a statement. 

But a canvas is more than its depth — and our Artist Canvas 3 in. Profile is a showcase of quality materials and craftsmanship. With a fabric of 7 oz 100% cotton, it offers a tactile, responsive surface that's double-primed with premium gesso, achieving a robust finished weight of 15 oz. 


3/4" Deluxe Standard Professional Canvas - (CMD)

Our Deluxe Standard Professional Canvas isn't just a blank slate - it's the beginning of your next masterpiece. Constructed with first quality 7 oz 100% cotton, this canvas provides a luxurious, finely textured surface that's both durable and delightfully receptive to every brushstroke. Stretched over 3/4 inch solid stretcher bars, this canvas combines stability with a sleek profile, offering both functionality and a contemporary aesthetic suitable for any setting.

This moderate profile is ideal for artists who desire a professional presentation without the bulk of a heavy-duty frame. We double-prime each canvas with premium gesso, achieving a robust finished weight of 15 oz that's ready to face the challenges of any creative process.


1-3/4" Deluxe Profile Professional Canvas - (CMG)

The foundation of memorable art lies in the quality of its canvas — a truth we at Apollon Gotrick cherish and embody in our Deluxe Profile Professional Canvas. Fashioned from first quality 7 oz 100% cotton, this premium canvas presents a durable surface that's inviting to the touch and resilient in the face of diverse artistic techniques.

What sets this canvas apart is its 1 3/4 inch thickness stretcher bars, providing a formidable frame that's more stable than its lighter counterparts. Double-primed with a superior gesso, the canvas reaches a substantial finished weight of 15 oz, providing a perfect equilibrium of smoothness and tooth that's quintessential for adhesion and color absorption. 


3/4" Standard Black Artist Canvas (CMN)

Dare to defy the traditional white and immerse yourself in the universe of possibilities with Apollon Gotrick's Standard Black Artist Canvas. This canvas isn't just a backdrop for your artistic expressions; it's a bold statement, a challenge to create with an intensity that only a black canvas can offer. The power of a black canvas lies in its dramatic contrast and depth, accentuating colors and giving a new dimension to shadows and light.

Our canvas is prepared with a 7 oz 100% cotton fabric, stretched to perfection on 3/4-inch-thick stretcher bars. But the real magic happens with the double priming using high-quality black gesso, resulting in a luxurious 15 oz finished weight that transforms the canvas into a stage where colors dance, shimmer, and shine more brightly than ever before.


1-1/2" Profile Black Artist Canvas - (GCN)

Art is not only about color but also the depth and emotions it reflects. With Apollon Gotrick's Profile Black Artist Canvas, you're not just getting a surface for your artistic endeavours, but a profound depth that adds a dramatic intensity to every piece you create. This canvas features a significant 1 1/2-inch profile, elevating your artwork and giving it a commanding presence that goes beyond the conventional.

The richness of the black canvas, double-primed with superior black gesso, serves as a vibrant stage for colors to pop, contrasts to deepen, and your artistic expressions to come alive like never before. Constructed with a 7 oz 100% cotton, this canvas presents a luxurious feel and a reliable foundation for your art. It's stretched over sturdy stretcher bars, ensuring a stable and enduring frame for your creations.


3/4" Standard Artist Linen Canvas - (CMDL)

Apollon Gotrick's Standard Artist Canvas Linen isn’t just a surface for your paints — it's the beginning of a masterpiece that stands the test of time. This premium canvas is woven from 9 oz 100% pure linen, revered for its incomparable texture and durability. The linen fibers are meticulously prepared to ensure a superior smoothness that professional artists will find irresistible.

With a robust 3/4-inch profile built on solid stretcher bars, this canvas provides a reliable foundation for your most ambitious projects. But the true distinction of our canvas lies in its triple-primed surface. Using the highest grade of gesso, we prime the linen to reach a substantial 17 oz finished weight. This not only enhances the canvas's tactile quality but also optimizes it for oil paints, ensuring colors remain vibrant and true for generations.


1-1/2" Profile Artist Linen Canvas - (DLGC)

Artistic perfection demands a canvas of equal caliber, and that's precisely what the Apollon Gotrick's Profile Artist Canvas Linen offers. Crafted from 9 oz 100% pure linen, this canvas is synonymous with luxury and endurance. The natural texture of the linen provides a distinctive, responsive surface that artists adore, perfectly complementing the meticulous brushwork of professionals.

What sets our canvas apart is the depth - a generous 1 1/2-inch stretcher bar that adds an extra dimension to your artwork, creating a gallery-style presence that's both impressive and commanding. The triple-primed surface, reaching a hearty 17 oz post-priming, is specially formulated to bring out the best in oil paints, ensuring vivid, enduring colors and sharp, dynamic contrasts.


3/4" Standard Clear Coat Linen Canvas - (CCL)

When tradition meets innovation, every brushstroke becomes a lasting legacy. That's the essence of Apollon Gotrick's Standard Clear Coat Linen Canvas — a testament to the timeless quality of linen, now redefined with a protective layer designed to shield your masterpieces from the elements and the passage of time.

The defining feature of this canvas is what you can't clearly see — a revolutionary clear coat application. This protective layer, though subtle, works tirelessly to preserve your artwork. It defends against UV rays, environmental aggressors, and the natural fading process, ensuring that each piece maintains its vibrancy and detail for years to come.


1-1/2" Profile Clear Coat Linen Canvas - (CCLGC)

For artists dedicated to excellence, only the most sophisticated canvas will suffice — the Apollon Gotrick's Profile Clear Coat Linen Canvas. It's where the timeless elegance of linen melts with innovative protection, offering a unique platform for your artistic expressions.

However, what truly distinguishes this canvas is the application of a clear coat finish — a protective, nearly invisible layer that defends your artwork against environmental elements, UV radiation, and the passage of time while allowing the natural beauty of the linen to shine through. The canvas's profile, a robust yet unobtrusive frame, ensures your artwork commands attention, embodying gallery-level presentation right in your studio.


3/4" Standard Clear Coat Cotton Canvas - (CCC)

Art, in its purest form, reflects authenticity — and that's the principle behind Apollon Gotrick's Standard Clear Coat Cotton Canvas. Our canvas is woven from the finest cotton, offering a pleasantly tactile surface that is both versatile and durable.

What sets this canvas apart is the innovative clear coating — a protective layer that shields your artwork without overshadowing the natural charm of the cotton fabric. The clear coat isn't just for show; it enhances the canvas's durability, ensuring your art remains vibrant, protected from UV rays, humidity, and environmental stressors. It's a celebration of art's true foundation, elevated by modern protective technology.


1-1/2" Profile Clear Coat Cotton Canvas - (CCCGC)

The Profile Clear Coat Cotton Canvas by Apollon Gotrick represents a harmonious balance between the artist's traditional canvas and the advancements in protective art technology. It's thoughtfully crafted for artists who revere the classic cotton canvas but require modern protection for their masterpieces.

What we’ve introduced is a clear coat application that invisibly protects your artwork from environmental factors, UV light, and the wear of time, ensuring your art's longevity and vibrancy. Moreover, the canvas's elevated profile height adds an element of depth to your work, giving it a pronounced, gallery-ready presentation that's sure to captivate.


3/4" Canvas and Floating Frames - (DECO)

Art isn't just about what you create; it's also how you present it. That’s the philosophy behind Apollon Gotrick's Canvas and Floating Frame. It combines the unparalleled quality of a CMC Classique canvas with the modern elegance of a floating frame, promising a visually stunning display that complements your artistic vision.

The 1.5-inch thick frame is robust, adding a depth of sophistication to your art installation. It's designed to accommodate a 3/4" CMC canvas snugly, ensuring your artwork is secure while making the mounting process as effortless as possible. Perfect for artists aiming to present their work in galleries, exhibitions, or sophisticated home art collections, this combination of canvas and frame doesn't just display your artwork; it elevates it.


1-1/2" Gallery Canvas and Floating Frame (DECOGC)

Elevate your artwork to gallery standards with Apollon Gotrick's Gallery Canvas and Floating Frame, a pairing that speaks volumes in sophistication, quality, and visual impact. This ensemble features a first-quality gallery canvas set within a floating frame of 2-inch thickness, creating a dramatic display that commands attention.

Our gallery canvas is favored by professionals for its superior durability, exquisite texture, and exceptional color retention, providing a perfect foundation for your masterpieces. The floating frame complements this excellence; its robust 2-inch profile houses 1.5" CMGC canvases with grace, creating a captivating illusion of depth as your artwork takes center stage. The combination is not just about protection; it's about presentation.