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Artist Easels

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Unleash Your Creativity with ApolloGoTrick

Welcome to Apollon Gotrick's dedicated space for Artist Easels where functionality meets the freedom of expression. Just like the artist requires quality paint to create a masterpiece, the right easel and accessories are imperative for the process of creation.

Our comprehensive range is designed to inspire artists at every level, providing the support, stability, and convenience you need to bring your visions to life. Dive into our collection, thoughtfully designed with your artistic journey in mind.

At ApolloGoTrick, we believe in not just supplying tools, but in fueling passions. Our curated range of Artist Easels and Accessories is built on understanding the heart of art – the process.

We're dedicated to providing products that aren't just about utility, but also about inspiring creativity, making your artistic journey smoother, more enjoyable, and profoundly more fulfilling. Delve into our selection and equip your studio with the finest today.


Ready to transform your artistic process with equipment that understands your needs? 

Browse our collection of Artist Easels and Accessories and take the first step towards a more inspired, efficient, and organized art creation experience!


Presentation Easels

The Apollon Gotrick Presentation Easel is a versatile and essential tool for artists and presenters alike. Available in 12" and 18" sizes, this easel is designed to hold small canvases, signs, and other display items with ease and stability. Whether you are showcasing your latest artwork, guiding a workshop, or setting up a display, this easel offers the perfect blend of functionality and elegance. Its adjustable design makes it suitable for a variety of settings and requirements.

Artist Easels

26" Portable Easel

The Apollon Gotrick 26" Portable Easel is a game-changer for artists who love to create on the move. This compact and lightweight easel is specifically designed for mobility without compromising functionality. It uniquely holds two canvases simultaneously, making it perfect for multi-tasking artists or for comparing and working on two pieces side by side. Whether you’re painting in your studio, a classroom, or outdoors, this easel is an excellent choice for flexibility and convenience.


64" Basswood Artist Easel

The Apollon Gotrick 64" Basswood Artist Easel embodies a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality. Tailored for the modern artist's studio, this easel's minimalist design focuses on essential features, offering an unobtrusive yet sturdy support for your creative endeavors. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this easel is designed to cater to your basic studio needs without overwhelming your space.


74" Basswood Artist Easel

Introducing the Apollon Gotrick 74" Basswood Artist Easel, a quintessential tool for artists valuing both simplicity and efficiency. Designed to meet the foundational needs of any creative workspace, this easel combines a straightforward aesthetic with robust functionality. It's an ideal choice for artists at any skill level, providing a reliable platform for a wide range of artistic endeavours.