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Frame Your Masterpieces

Welcome to Apollongotrick's selection of mouldings, Our carefully curated collection of frames is designed to hold the beauty of every artwork, providing a durable frame that complements your masterpiece's visual narrative.

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Artists, galleries, and connoisseurs trust Apollon Gotrick for mouldings that preserve and enhance their masterpieces. Explore our selections, and for a more personalized experience or bulk orders, please reach out to our customer service team. Step into the world where every frame tells a story, your story!

Refined Craftsmanship for Distinguished Tastes

At Apollongotrick, we hold the belief that every artwork is a narrative waiting to be framed. Our mouldings aren’t just accessories but an extension of your artwork, crafted from premium materials that ensure durability and visual appeal.


Ready to frame your narrative with Apollon Gotrick's premium mouldings?

 Browse our Assorted Mouldings Collection or contact us for your custom needs today !


60985 Moulding - (82 Series)

Elevate your canvas framing with the Apollon Gotrick 60985 Moulding, exclusively designed for the 82 Series. This moulding, measuring 1.1/8" x 1.1/2", offers both strength and sophistication for your canvas stretching needs. Available in custom lengths with a 100-foot minimum order, it's a perfect fit for artists, galleries, and framing professionals who demand quality and consistency.



6094 Moulding - (Wood Panel)

6094 Moulding Wood Panel is a versatile framing solution designed specifically for Series 31 & 32 panels. Measuring 1.1/2" x 13/16", this moulding is perfect for artists and framers who seek a reliable and aesthetically pleasing frame. Sold by foot with a 100-foot minimum order, it offers flexibility for various project sizes, from individual pieces to large-scale exhibits.



6080 Moulding - (Double Stretcher Pro/Reg)

Experience the versatility and innovation of Apollon Gotrick’s 6080 Moulding Double Stretcher Pro/Reg. Designed to accommodate two distinct profiles, this moulding can easily switch between a 3/4" and a 1.5" profile by simply flipping it 90 degrees. Ideal for artists and galleries looking for a flexible framing solution, this stretcher is sold by the foot with a 100-foot minimum order, catering to both small and large-scale projects.


6105 Moulding - (Reg Stretcher)

The Apollon Gotrick 6105 Moulding Regular Stretcher is a robust and elegantly designed solution for all your framing needs. With dimensions of 1 5/8" x 3/4", featuring a lip on one side, this stretcher is ideal for artists, galleries, and custom framing services. Tailored to enhance and preserve your artwork, the 6105 Regular Stretcher is sold by the foot with a minimum order of 100 feet, ensuring it fits a wide range of project sizes.


6098 Moulding - (Profile Stretcher)

The Apollon Gotrick 6098 Moulding Profile Stretcher is a premium framing solution designed for artists and galleries. Measuring 13/16" x 1 1/2" GC, this moulding stretcher combines durability with aesthetic appeal, making it perfect for a variety of framing applications. Whether you're a professional artist, a gallery owner or a framing enthusiast, the 6098 Moulding Profile Stretcher offers an exceptional choice for your framing needs. Available for order in lengths tailored to your requirements, with a minimum order of 100 feet.


6096 Moulding - (Middle Bar HD)

Introducing the Apollon Gotrick 6096 Moulding Middle Bar HD, a heavy-duty moulding solution crafted for added stability and support in art frames. With its 2.1/4" x 5/8" build, this moulding is ideal for reinforcing larger frames, ensuring that your artworks remain secure and presented with excellence. Sold by the foot with a minimum order of 100 feet, it allows artists, galleries, and framers to obtain the exact length needed for their framing projects, large or small.


6099 Moulding - (Heavy Duty)

The Apollon Gotrick 6099 Moulding Heavy Duty offers a robust solution for framing and supporting larger, heavier art pieces. With its significant 2.3/8"x7/8" dimensions, this moulding is specially designed for durability and support. Ideal for professional artists, galleries, and art collectors, it ensures that even the most substantial pieces are displayed securely and with style. This moulding is sold by the foot, allowing for custom-length orders to suit any project size, with a minimum order of 100 feet.


6097 Moulding - (Traverse)

Apollon Gotrick's 6097 Traverse Moulding offers unparalleled precision and elegance in frame crafting. With a substantial width of 1.1/2" and a depth of 5/8", this moulding provides a robust yet refined edge to your canvases and artwork. Each foot of this premium moulding is a promise of durability, designed to support and enhance art pieces for display and sale. Perfect for professional framers, galleries, and artists, the 6097 Traverse Moulding is sold by the foot to meet the exacting needs of your diverse projects. Commit to excellence with Apollon Gotrick, where every detail is tailored to perfection.


6095 Moulding - (Traverse)

Elevate the presentation of artwork with the bold dimensions of Apollon Gotrick's 6095 Traverse Moulding. Measuring an impressive 1.7/8" in width and a depth of 5/8", this moulding is a statement of elegance and strength. Each linear foot of this premium moulding is engineered to provide a commanding frame for an array of art styles. Ideal for custom framing shops, art galleries, and artists looking to make a definitive impact, the 6095 Traverse Moulding is sold by the foot to accommodate projects large and small. Trust in the Apollon Gotrick promise for framing that is as enduring as it is exquisite.


6093 Moulding - (Profile Canvas)

Craftsmanship meets elegance with Apollon Gotrick's 6093 Profile Canvas Moulding, providing a sophisticated edge to every canvas it frames. At 13/16" x 2", this moulding is designed for artists and framers who seek a delicate balance between prominence and refined subtlety in their frame choice. Perfect for a range of canvases, the 6093 moulding is available per linear foot, allowing for complete customization to the size of your artistic works. Add this to your store to cater to clients who appreciate the understated beauty in their canvas displays.


6085 Moulding - (Profile Canvas)

Apollon Gotrick's 6085 Profile Canvas Moulding offers a bold statement for artists and galleries. With a width of 13/16" and a depth of 2.1/2", this moulding provides a pronounced and aesthetic frame that elevates any canvas artwork. Ideal for businesses focusing on custom framing solutions, this moulding combines functionality with style. The 6085 Profile is sold per foot, allowing for tailored lengths to suit specific framing needs. It's the perfect choice for those who desire a frame that complements and enhances the artwork, creating a captivating display.


6092 Moulding - (Profile Canvas)

The Apollon Gotrick 6092 Profile Canvas Moulding offers a bold statement for artists and framers who seek to encapsulate their artwork with distinction. The generous 3-inch depth paired with a subtle 13/16-inch profile width creates a dramatic border that draws the eye, giving each artwork the gallery-quality frame it deserves. Sold per linear foot, this moulding allows for tailored framing solutions, ideal for businesses that cater to custom orders and impeccable presentation standards. Choose the 6092 moulding for a product that underscores the art it surrounds with confidence and style.


6089 Moulding - (Wood Panel)

Apollon Gotrick's 6089 Moulding Wood Panel is a fine example of modern framing elegance. With its slender width of 13/16 inches and a depth of 1.7/8 inches, this moulding brings a contemporary and sophisticated edge to any wood panel artwork. Ideal for professional framers, art galleries, and artists, the 6089 Moulding is perfect for creating a visually appealing depth that elevates artwork. Its streamlined profile is versatile enough to complement a range of art styles, making it a popular choice for those seeking a blend of modern aesthetics and timeless craftsmanship.


6090 Moulding - (Wood Panel)

The Apollon Gotrick 6090 Moulding Wood Panel offers a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. With dimensions of 13/16 inches in width and a substantial 2.3/8 inches in depth, this moulding is designed to give wood panel artworks a distinguished and elevated appearance. Ideal for artists, galleries, and framers, the 6090 Moulding enhances any art piece, lending it a professional and polished look. This moulding is a versatile choice for those seeking to impart a sense of depth and refinement to their artwork displays.


6091 Moulding - (Wood Panel)

Apollon Gotrick's 6091 Moulding Wood Panel is a testament to classic framing elegance, blending traditional design with modern finesse. Measuring 13/16 inches in width and 2.7/8 inches in depth, this moulding is ideal for creating a distinguished and robust frame for wood panel artworks. The depth provides a profound sense of dimension, making each piece stand out with a pronounced, gallery-like quality. Perfect for framing shops, art galleries, and artists, the 6091 Moulding is a versatile choice that adds a touch of sophistication to any art piece.


6088 Moulding

Discover the subtle charm of Apollon Gotrick's 6088 Moulding, a compact yet elegant framing solution. Measuring a balanced 3/4" X 3/4", this moulding is perfect for those seeking a delicate frame that complements rather than dominates the artwork. Ideal for galleries, framing shops, and artists, the 6088 Moulding offers a refined touch to a variety of art pieces. Its understated dimensions make it especially suited for smaller works, providing a polished, professional finish that enhances the visual appeal without overwhelming the art.


6081 Moulding - (Floater Frame)

The Apollon Gotrick 6081 Moulding Floater Frame redefines elegance and contemporary art display. Measuring 2 inches in width and 1 inch in depth, this floater frame is crafted for artists, galleries, and connoisseurs who seek to present artwork with a modern, sophisticated edge. The design of the frame creates a captivating illusion of the canvas floating within the frame, offering a distinctive gallery-quality presentation. Perfect for those who appreciate minimalistic yet impactful framing, the 6081 Moulding Floater Frame is a statement piece that complements any artwork, making each piece a focal point of admiration.


6082 Moulding - (Floater Frame)

Embrace the essence of modern art display with Apollon Gotrick's 6082 Moulding Floater Frame. Designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, this frame features a 1.5" width and a 3/4" depth, offering a sleek profile that elevates the visual appeal of any canvas. The subtle floating effect created between the frame and the artwork focuses viewers' attention squarely on the art, making it an ideal choice for galleries, artists, and interior designers seeking to make a sophisticated statement. Constructed for both durability and style, the 6082 Floater Frame is the perfect blend of form and function.