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Wood Panels

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Where Creativity Meets Quality

Welcome to the world of Apollongotrick Wood Panels, where every brushstroke finds its perfect canvas. We take immense pride in offering artists the finest wood panels, crafted with precision and dedication to elevate your creative journey.

Unveil our Artistry with Apollon Gotrick Panels

At Apollongotrick, we understand that the surface is the artist's muse. Our mission is simple: to provide artists with surfaces they can trust. We achieve this by using only conservator-quality materials and meticulous sealing processes, ensuring that no other panel on the market protects your artistic work like Apollongotrick.


Dive into Our Assortment of Wood Panels?

Discover the diverse world of Apollon Gotrick Wood Panels, each designed to cater to different artistic needs and preferences


3/4" Cradled Wood Panels - (CBR)

Embrace the charm of traditional artistry with Apollon Gotrick’s Cradled Wood Panel. Crafted with a 3 mm Baltic birch surface and securely cradled on a robust 7/8-inch traditional wood frame, this panel offers a sturdy and versatile canvas for artists. Whether you work in oil, acrylic, or drawing mediums, this wood panel caters to a diverse range of artistic applications. Its smooth surface can be used as-is, or primed with gesso for a tailored experience.


1-1/2" Profile Cradled Wood Panel - (CBG)

Elevate your art with the exquisite Profile Cradled Wood Panel from Apollon Gotrick. Expertly crafted with a 3 mm Baltic birch surface and nestled in a robust 1 5/8-inch galerie wood frame, this panel exudes a sense of depth and professionalism. Perfect for an array of painting and drawing techniques, it provides a versatile and reliable foundation for your creativity. The panel is ready to use in its natural state or can be primed with gesso for specific medium requirements.


2" Profile Cradled Wood Panel - (CB2)

Discover the possibilities with Apollon Gotrick’s 2-inch Profile Cradled Wood Panel. Designed to add significant depth to your art, this panel is a favorite among artists and crafters. Its robust design can be directly painted on or gessoed, making it suitable for all painting mediums. Whether you're creating mixed media art, collages, or traditional paintings, this wood panel serves as a durable and versatile canvas for your creativity.


2-1/2" Profile Cradled Wood Panel - (CB2.5)

Elevate your artistry with Apollon Gotrick’s 2 1/2-inch Profile Cradled Wood Panel. This exceptional panel brings an added dimension to your artwork, ideal for artists seeking a dramatic effect. Perfect for direct painting or preparation with gesso, it's compatible with all art mediums. From acrylics to mixed media, this panel stands as a durable and versatile foundation for your artistic expressions.


3" Profile Cradled Wood Panel - (CB3)

Discover the enhanced depth and creative versatility with Apollon Gotrick’s 3-inch Profile Cradled Wood Panel. This artist-grade panel brings a new dimension to your artwork, making it perfect for artists who desire a pronounced, gallery-like presence. Whether applying gesso for preparation or directly engaging in painting, this panel is well-suited for all kinds of artistic endeavours, from oil and acrylic to mixed media.


6mm Profile Cradled Wood Panel - (CBG6)

Elevate your artistic projects with Apollon Gotrick’s 6mm Profile Cradled Wood Panel(CBG6). Crafted for artists who demand resilience and a robust structure in their canvas, this panel features a 6mm Baltic birch surface cradled on a solid 1.5-inch wood frame. While priming isn’t a necessity, this panel affords the flexibility to use clear or colored gesso, making it suitable for a vast array of artistic expressions and mediums.


3/4" Round Wood Panel - (CBRR)

Discover a new realm of artistic possibilities with Apollon Gotrick’s 3/4 Inch Round Wood Panel. This uniquely shaped panel opens up a world of creativity for artists who love to think outside the traditional rectangular canvas. Suitable for a range of mediums, this panel can be directly painted on or prepared with gesso, offering a versatile and sturdy surface for your artistic endeavors.


1-1/2" Round Wood Panel - (CBGR)

Elevate your art with Apollon Gotrick’s 1 1/2 Inch Round Wood Panel, a robust and unique foundation for your creative projects. Comprising a 3mm Baltic birch surface adhered to two 5/8" thick round MDF layers, this panel offers an exceptional surface for artists seeking durability and a distinctive presentation. It’s an ideal choice for a variety of mediums, whether applying direct paint or preparing the surface with gesso.


3/4" Triangle Wood Panel - (CBRT)

Introduce a geometric dimension to your artwork with the Apollon Gotrick Triangle Wood Panel. This uniquely shaped panel, with a thickness of 3/4 inch, challenges traditional artistic boundaries and offers new perspectives for creative expression. Ideal for a variety of mediums, this panel serves as a versatile and sturdy foundation for both conventional and avant-garde art projects.


3mm Baltic Birch Plywood - (PB)

The Apollon Gotrick Baltic Birch 3 mm Flat Panel is a prime choice for artists who appreciate the beauty of natural wood. Its unprimed, 3 mm thick Baltic birch surface is ideal for various sketches and studies. This panel maintains the true tone and texture of the birch, providing a unique and organic canvas for your artistic endeavours.

Baltic Birch 3 mm Flat Panel

6mm Baltic Birch Plywood - (PB6U)

Discover the sturdy and versatile 6 mm Baltic Birch Flat Panel from Apollon Gotrick, a perfect foundation for artists who value a natural and robust surface. This unprimed, 6 mm thick panel is excellent for a variety of sketches and studies, offering a dependable and consistent base for your creative explorations.

6 mm Baltic Birch Flat Panel

3mm Dark Masonite Sheet - (PMF)

Apollon Gotrick presents the 3 mm Dark Masonite Sheet, an exceptional choice for artists and crafters seeking a sturdy, yet versatile canvas. This sheet, characterized by its dark hue and 3 mm thickness, is perfect for a range of artistic applications, from mixed media art to model building.

3 mm Dark Masonite Sheet

3mm Pale Masonite Sheet - (PMP)

Discover the potential in every creation with Apollon Gotrick’s 3 mm Pale Masonite Sheet. This light - colored, sturdy base is a dream for artists and crafters, offering a versatile and smooth surface for all types of artistic expressions. Whether for painting, drawing, or mixed media, this Masonite sheet brings out the best in your creative work.

3 mm Pale Masonite Sheet

3/4" Liquid Art Panel - (CBP)

Dive into the world of fluid art with Apollon Gotrick's Liquid Art Panel. This panel, featuring a 3mm Baltic birch surface on a 3/4-inch thickness frame, is specially designed with a raised edge to contain resin and pouring mediums. It's the perfect canvas for artists who love to experiment with flowing colors and captivating patterns. 


1-1/2" Profile Liquid Art Panel - (CBGP)

Elevate your fluid art creations with the ApollonGotrick Profile Liquid Art Panel. This exceptional panel, featuring a 3mm Baltic birch surface atop a 1 1/2-inch thick frame, comes with a raised edge specifically designed for resin and pouring mediums. It's a dream canvas for artists who delve into the mesmerizing world of liquid art.


Floating Frame Panel - (CBF)

With Apollon Gotrick's Floating Frame Panels, contemporary meets convenience. Our meticulously crafted panels are designed to give your artwork a suspended, ethereal quality, making it appear as if it's levitating within a sleek frame. Each panel is constructed with the finest materials to ensure durability while providing a sophisticated edge to your creations. Whether displayed in a gallery or a modern living space, our Floating Frame Panels are an effortless way to add depth and drama to your artwork, ensuring it stands out with an elegant, modern touch.