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Become a Partner

Make your customers happy with Apollon Gotrick Quality.


Delight your customers

Apollon Gotrick welcomes retailers from Canada and US to become our partners in helping artists realise their vision.

Retailers having a physical brick & mortar store or online store will be able to purchase wholesale from us and stock it on their shelves.

We cater to both Physical art supply stores & online stores after approval from us, based on the target market, our distribution capabilities and their specific business strategies.

Artists and consumers from Canada cannot buy directly from our website store. Unfortunately we do not sell directly to artists/consumers based in Canada. They must go to their local art supply store and place a special order directly with them and we can have their products shipped with their next store order.

Artists & consumers who are based in the USA can purchase directly on our retail website (LINK)

Once your eligibility is approved, the purchase process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Approval: Upon submission of this form, our team will review your information.

  2. Eligibility Confirmation: We will contact you to confirm your eligibility as a retailer.

  3. Upon approval, we will create an account on our B2B website so you can place orders, view pricing and discount structure.

  4. Payment and Shipping: Payment terms and shipping details will be provided upon order confirmation.

  5. Customer Support: Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding orders, product information, or support needs.