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Custom Stretching Services

Tailored to Your Artistic Vision

At Apollongotrick, we believe that every piece of art is unique, and the process of stretching your canvas should be equally distinctive.Our expertise extends beyond providing top-quality wood panels and canvases. That’s why we offer Custom Stretching Services, designed to honor the individuality of your artwork while ensuring it's showcased in the best possible way. Your stretched canvas prints will be beautifully presented, with tight and even stretches, ready to hang or display. We understand the importance of presentation in the art and print canvas industry.

Unmatched Precision, Uncompromised Quality

Precision is non-negotiable when it comes to preparing your canvas. Our team of highly skilled professionals takes the time to understand the specific needs of your artwork. We combine our rich tradition with advanced technology to provide a service that stands apart in precision, quality, and respect for your artistic expression, setting us ahead of industry standards and competitors.

When you choose Apollongotrick, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in a partnership dedicated to showcasing your art as it’s meant to be seen. Connect with us to discuss your needs, and let’s work together to give your artwork the presentation it deserves.


Ready to transform your artistic vision into reality with a canvas that speaks volumes?  

Reach out to us and experience the bespoke difference with Apollongotrick's Custom Stretching Services today!  Our Services Include

Personalized Consultation

Every art piece tells a different story, and we start our process by understanding yours. Our experts engage in a detailed consultation to discuss your vision, the artwork’s requirements, and how we can align our services to meet your expectations.

Custom Canvas Cutting

Whether you prefer linen, cotton, or a specialized fabric, our Custom Canvas Cutting service prepares the canvas to your exact dimensions, providing the perfect foundation for your art.

Frame Preparation

From standard sizes to custom frames, our services include preparing the ideal stretcher bars or panels that not only support but also enhance your artwork.


Precision Stretching

We employ meticulous hand-stretching techniques, along with state-of-the-art tools, to ensure your canvas is free from wrinkles and perfectly taut, ready for your masterpiece.

Protective Sealing

Our service doesn’t end once your artwork is mounted. We offer protective sealing to safeguard your masterpiece from environmental elements, ensuring longevity and vibrance.

Delivery and Installation

Your convenience is our priority. Apollongotrick offers careful delivery services, and if needed, professional installation, ensuring your artwork is displayed securely and to its best advantage.


Sustainability at Core

In line with our commitment to the planet, all materials and processes involved in our custom stretching services are eco-friendly, ensuring that your art not only looks good but also does good.